The Royal Parish
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The Royal Parish
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Hartola Municipal Offices
Kuninkaantie 16, FIN-19600 Hartola
Tel. +358 3 843 20
Fax +358 3 7161 747
Email: matkailu@hartola.fi

Open Mon-Fri 9 am - 3 pm

The Royal Parish
Welcome to Hartola, the Royal parish, that is perfectly located in the heart of the Finnish Lakeland. Here you can find the peace and tranquility of the beautiful countryside or explore the local culture and old manors that you can be sure to find in Hartola.

Hartola parish was originally bestowed by the Swedish King Gustaf III for his son Gustav the IV in the 1784. Since Hartola has kept it’s Royal origin and declared to Royal Parish on the 1987. Nowadays the modern Hartola village triples it’s population during the summer season as the summer residents return to their summerhouse by the lake.

Hartola is full of activities. Interested in sports we welcome you to play golf or try paddling or fishing on the charming river Tainionvirta. In the wintertime we recommend you the downhill skiing on the Purnu skiing center or traditional skiing on well laid tracks.

Welcome to meet friendly people and see the best of the Finnish countryside in Hartola!

Hartola in a nutshell
  • Sovereign parish since 1784
  • Total area is 675 sqkm, and a fifth of it is waters (lakes)
  • Shoreline 865 km
  • Number of inhabitants 3 292 (December 2011)
Distances to Hartola
* Heinola 46 km
* Lahti 81 km
* Jyväskylä 89 km
* Mikkeli 90 km
* Kouvola 103 km
* Hämeenlinna 127 km
* Kotka 157 km
* Tampere 175 km
* Helsinki 182 km